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Should Okinawa withdraw from the Go To campaign?

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Okinawa.Org Staff
While Kanagawa Prefecture decided to withdraw from the Go To campaign, representing the people, Gov. of Okinawa, Tamaki, decided that it was best for corporations to make that decision in a press conference held on November 24, 2020.

Although he states that 40% of infections are from restaurants, which are incentivized to give discounts for eating in, continuing that only 3% is imported, he believes that it's up to the unelected officials that run corporations to decide to pull out over elected government officials.

Days earlier, on the 20th, he said to be prepared for a third wave. This was probably the ideal time for him, as an elected official, to decide what is best for Okinawa... not corporations, especially when 69% of a Mainichi poll believe it should be canceled.
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