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Sometimes we see something both thrilling & questionable. If you’ve driven on the 58 in Yamada, Onna, you’ve probably seen a crazy contraption nestled in the trees. Surely it’s a pile of junk or modern art, right? Nope. It’s a homemade swing “ride” most likely designed out of an alcohol-fueled conversation.

Does it work? Yes! Is it safe?, that’s debatable, but I have been on it & lived to tell the tale.

As a one last bucket list item for a group of adventurous friends, we made the hasty decision to ride this swing. The owner seemed nice enough but didn’t speak much English. The sign for prices listed two rates: One for half speed & another for full speed. I thought I got a picture of the prices, but I didn’t (oops). I want to say it was about ¥1200 per person for the “full speed.”

Two people can ride at once. You’re strapped into a half boat (the swing) & given helmets. The guy cranked back the swing & counted down before letting us fly over the vegetation & mattresses below (safety first)!
The real thrill is the clanks & bangs & wondering if that thing will stay upright long enough for you to get back on the ground. Would I do it again? Sure, why not?

There is another “ride” behind it. There’s a stairway built out of plastic pallets & it looks like the rider would possibly zip line down in a box? We couldn’t quite figure out how that one worked due to language barriers, so we skipped it.

There is also a noodle shop, a small waterwheel, & a goat on the grounds.
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山田水車屋 1309-1 Yamada, Onna, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 904-0416 098-965-4757
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Lol, It does have a cautionary tale or horror movie vibe, but it’s also innocent enough we didn’t want something this small to be a “man I wish I had tried it,” you know?

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