Photo Op "Crashed" Volkswagen Beetle



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You tend to find some interesting stuff while driving up and down the side streets of Okinawa.

This "crashed" VW Beetle was a sighting that caught me off guard one day. Why? Because it seemingly appeared out of nowhere overnight as I frequently take this same route and never noticed it before.

The first day that I saw it, I posted it to Instagram and was inundated with people asking me where it was. Since I'm not as bilingual as I should be, it was hard to describe where exactly it was to Japanese, besides it being near Makeman in Tomigusuku.

The first few requests, I fulfilled with GPS coordinates, which weren't understandable to even drawing out a map, poorly, over a Google Maps screenshot.

I began just saying it's near Makeman to all that requested and the conversation about it seemingly ended.

But if you're looking for a unique photo op in Okinawa and are in the area, stop by this pin and see how creative you can get with it! :)

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