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DISCUSS Crane Jungle


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This thread is for the general discussion for Crane Jungle. Please add to the discussion here.
The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of Okinawa.Org.


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Okinawa.Org Staff
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There are A LOT of crane games here!
But they do seem to be hard to catch anything though:cautious:
We didn't get an opportunity to experience it besides seeing what it was and knowing that it might be a fun activity for even adults due to their late hours.

If you ever visited Crane Jungle, it'd be best to leave a review as the discussion thread is more for showing off your winnings or the way you won for this particular place.

You can leave a review by clicking this button.

Screenshot of Okinawa.Org's listing of Crane Jungle near Kokusai Street

But if you're uncomfortable leaving a review, it's fine.:)

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