Opinion Consistency Is Key For Business Growth!

Consistency Is Key!
Expats in Okinawa: Consistency for business growth is key


Okinawa.Org Staff
Dec 26, 2018
Consistency in business growth is key. Set realistic, short-term attainable goals for your business and strive by getting there by being consistent in everything you do. Then, when you reach those short-term goals, however, they're measured, create a new one, and repeat; I wouldn't get too bogged down with tasks to do as it'll take the fun out of the work though.

As an example—up until recently when I was unable to due to an inpatient hospital stay—I posted one photo to our Facebook Page and Okinawa photo gallery every Tuesday as a "Tuesday Treat". Week over week, views and traffic would incline to not only the one photo but others as well. Some would even be enticed to signing up for Okinawa.Org.

This is just one example of staying consistent for growth. If you give up on one area, you're likely to fail in other areas, and until you know it, you're out of business.

Another one has to do with day trading stocks. I will read the charts at specific times and see where the market is headed and hedge my bets to come out green in a trade. Chart reading isn't always accurate, and I have lost on quite a few trades, but it does help more than anything I've used.

What I do is have a checklist for what I am supposed to do every day to ensure growth here, on other websites, and other projects. I take that list and I ensure I complete each task every single day as they are realistic and attainable to measure up to.

While Okinawa forum is relatively small, it is successful in a sense as it is competing with Facebook groups (but our new app may be a game-changer there: click to learn how to install), discussion wise, as one can't discount the traffic we receive from outside of Okinawa seeking more information on Okinawa.

The message I'm trying to send is that consistency is key to success while complacency in failing to keep up that behavior will ultimately be your downfall. So, if you don't like what you're doing now, find something else that you like and can be consistent with so it isn't a job, but rather a hobby.

Good luck! :)

And, you better believe once I check out of the hospital, not only will I continue with Tuesday Treat, but the quality will also go up as the 'rona restrictions have been eased and I had to rush preparedness to get checked in here as well! ?
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