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Conical Hill (Nishihara) - Info and pictures


Okinawa.Org Staff
Dec 26, 2018
The hike up to Conical Hill is one that most everyone can do; it's an introduction, of sorts, to getting outdoors, being active, and going on hikes around Okinawa.

While some may not really consider this much of a hike as it's only roughly 200 meters or so, or close to that of two football fields, it does have an elevation gain of about 30 meters, which is about climbing up a commercial seven-story building's stairwell.

The trail is nicely lined with a knotted rope in most sections so that you can get up and down easily without hurting your hand if you slip on the steeper sections.

The knotted rope can help kids get up the harder sections of Conical Hill Following the rope will lead the way to the peak of Conical Hill

Some areas of the trail even have makeshift stairs for better footing.

Some makeshift stairs to make the climb to the top a bit easier too

However, there are one or two sections that you should be cautious of. While getting up is easy, going down is not so much, without the proper shoes or you will have to crouch and slide. (Note to self: Don't wear flat-heeled shoes next time)

Some loose dirt on some pretty steep slopes going up the trail (no rope)

This is a very kid-friendly hike to take, and I don't imagine that any dog wouldn't be able to make it up Conical Hill with you as well either.

A very kid-friendly hike, even an 8 year old can do on her own!
As you can see, she's wearing her GoPro. Go ahead and give her a follow, a like and subscribe for kid-friendly adventures in Okinawa.

The area at the top has a nice clearing and even has a bench if you just want to stay up there and relax to yourself.

The peak of Conical Hill

There's also a "shrine" in the middle of the hilltop that @Rob Oechsle once corrected me on as being a GPS coordinate point at one time. ?

What I found near Adventist, thinking it was a shrine of sorts, but it's just a GPS marker atop Conical Hill

What you really want to go for is to get the spectacular views that Conical Hill provides.

To the east you have awesome views of the Pacific Ocean:

Panorama to the east: Nishihara, Yonabaru, Nanjo and the Pacific Ocean

To the west you can overlook Haebaru as well as the airport junction on the expressway:

Panorama to the west: Nishihara, Haebaru and Naha

If you follow Google Maps directions, you will eventually take a left down the last road. The gate will 10:1 be closed, but it's only tied shut. Untie it and follow the road up to a parking area that is passed tombs on the right which can fit at least 3 cars.

An access gate to get closer to the trail head of Conical Hill as well as better parking

In the case that it's locked, just find a good place to park and walk it up and in.

I wouldn't trust Google's "trail" to Conical Hill. Rather, the red triangle and stairwell prior to the parking area mark to spot.

A stairway marked with a red triangle that leads to the trail to Conical Hill

If you want to explore further, you can see at the opposite side of the entrance of the peak that there is another trail. Where it leads, I don't know. I was with my daughter and preferred not to find out at that time.

Climb away! :)
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Conical Hill, 字桃原 Nishihara, Okinawa, Japan

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