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As cinematography is basically a form of photography, I figure it can be discussed here as they do go hand-in-hand.

Over the past week, I've been doing the typical work on Okinawa.Org, such as maintenance to developing new content to share, all the while working on a family project we kind of introduced a little too soon—Fun With Lana.

To capture a single picture can take anywhere from 1 second to hours of thinking about how that picture can tell a story and stand-alone by itself.

On the other hand, cinematography, well, the editing portion of it is a whole new world. I can get my edits done in Lightroom quickly. But, learning a whole new program—Premiere Pro CC—is another ballgame. While there's no real learning curve to it, it's just that it's so frustrating at times to get things perfect and I don't think they can ever get that way, well, without time; I suppose how it was with Ps+Lr was when I first began too.

I could do a simple edit. Now, I'm adding transitions, graphics overlays, etc. to try and be appealing to both Americans and Japanese, without picking and choosing a target audience at this point.

But, I'm thankful that we got nearly 500 Facebook likes and 55 YouTube subscribers before this week-long project of the introduction video went into production.

Hopefully, the channel is complete by tomorrow and we can release the final cut.
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