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Perhaps you joined Okinawa.Org with a username that you don't want to use or are using a username that you no longer wish to go by.

You may now change your username in the settings page labeled "Account Details".

Simply click the "Change" button next to your current username

Initiate the process to change your username by clicking Change

A dialogue will pop up as seen below:

Change Username Box

Simply fill in your new name and reason for the request to change your name and if the new name is not offensive, etc., it will be approved by Okinawa.Org staff within 24 hours.

Please take note of the date in the screenshot above. A username may only be changed once a month to avoid confusion. That said, you can always Contact Okinawa.Org Support to request a change prior to that date and it will most likely be filled for you if there is valid reasoning.

Please feel free using the contact forum above if you are finding this process difficult and we can either walk you through it or process the change for you.
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