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You might've signed up for Okinawa.Org by connecting your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, or even Amazon account and it carried over your first and last name, not knowing that you can select your own username. As this is a forum and we don't require your full name, you may be more comfortable with using a pseudo-anonymous name instead.

Well, that's not a problem! You can change your username after you join.

Simply navigate to your account details page, type in a new username, and click the "Save" button.

Be careful, though. You can only change your username once every 7 days. However, in the off chance that you make a mistake in typing it, simply open a private thread in the Contact Okinawa.Org Support forum and we'll be happy to change it for you before this time expires.

Additionally, keep in mind that nobody can see the history of your username changes besides staff. So if you do sign up under Billy Bob and later change to BBOkinawa, nobody will be the wiser.

Tip: You might also want to tick the checkbox to 'receive news and update emails' so you don't miss a thing from Okinawa.Org while you're there as well!
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