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Cactus Farm in Nanjo
Cactus Farm in Nanjo - Pictures and Directions


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While driving around Okinawa or sitting at home finding the oddities of Okinawa to visit using the Okinawa Blog or even going through threads in the Okinawa Pin Drops forum, you might come across something interesting to go see.

There's an unusual place in Nanjo, for Okinawa that is, that offers just that: A cactus farm.

Cactus farm in Nanjo with rolling hills in the backdrop Down a row of cacti

You might see some cacti for sale every once in a while on your trip on through Makeman or perhaps even have a neighbor with some cacti in their yard, but this spot where many grow is something to stop by if your duration here is long, and you're in the area of course—it's not something that I'd go out of my way to go see, it was just there on a short detour on my way home from Okinawa World.

An unknown type of cactus Cacti standing tall at the cactus farm in Nanjo

Parking? Forget about a traditional parking lot. However, there's quite enough room to pull over to the side of the road to visit and snap a few shots as if you're in desert territory, all the while on a sub-tropical island.

Enough roadside parking next to the cactus farm

Some of the here cacti grow quite tall.

Tall cacti at the cactus farm in Nanjo

Kids find this cactus farm interesting, too! Though, some taller ones can be too intimidating for the first time...

Kid friendly (to an extent) cactus farm Intimidating cacti in a kid's eye
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Cactus Farm, 船越-161 Tamagusuku, Nanjo, Okinawa, Japan

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