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There's an event going on at Palette Kumoji (Ryubo) on the far side of Kokusai Street that'll surely bring out the creative side in your children going on every day from opening till closing (2000) until May 6th.

F1.jpg F2.jpg

You can purchase markers and draw all over the windows outside the main attraction:

20190430_170804.jpg 20190430_170948.jpg 20190430_183356.jpg

Afterward, you can purchase tickets at the event cashier (just inside the room next to the markers by the escalator) to engage their creative sense.


These 200 yen tickets (which can be purchased one by one and not in groups of 5 only, without reimbursement) are used for the individual booths which bring your child's drawings to life or even allows your kids to fight them with other drawings.

20190430_182738.jpg 20190430_172440.jpg


To draw it out longer, draw on the tables too!


All in all, it's a pretty fun event and I'm sure your kids will have just as much fun as mine did. Some Japanese would be helpful, but most likely not necessary if you follow the guidance above.

Most likely your kids will still want to draw. This is the point where you can "draw on your way out" with them, i.e., draw on the walls one last time as a compromise to leave without spending any more money.

If you get hungry, there is Maverick Burger (yum) and Soy Soy muffins (they looked pretty delicious) inside the event too but is quite pricey.

Have fun!

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Okinawa.Org Staff
Okinawa.Org Staff
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