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Dec 27, 2018
Okinawa.Org will always be free to browse, whether you register or not. However, there are some nice benefits that come along with joining the community.

By becoming a member, you get to post reviews, anonymously or under your username, in our Places Okinawa yellow pages directory; ask a question about a certain Place; comment on any Okinawa blog post; start your own discussion thread or join any others in the Okinawa Forum, to include forums such as Everything Okinawa, which is a general Okinawa discussion to Okinawa Questions, where you to up-vote the best answers so that they're easier to find, to just name a few of our forums; buy, sell or look for jobs in Okinawa much easier using the Classifieds system; and upload high-quality images that you've taken around Okinawa in the Media Gallery.

You can also "watch" almost any piece of content you want and be alerted on your Android device with a notification or by email if anything is to change, such as a date for something listed in Okinawa Events.

Members are able to "like", "love", "haha", "wow", "sad", "angry" and "dislike" (??????) many pieces of content and forum posts posted by others too. These reactions directly correlate to a points system in which members can earn trophies for being the most liked, amongst other things, such as spam prevention. In addition to trophies, medals are also awarded to members and are more notable and exclusive than a trophy is—so try and earn away!

Best of all: Completely free membership removes ads. So why not sign up?! :)
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