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I love finding new historical sites, especially shisa, or stone lions. There is a lot of Ryukyu-era history with many of the shisa around Okinawa. Some were originally created in villages to face certain directions in order to ward off possible evils.

字国吉守護獅子(イシシーサー)- Azakuniyoshi Shugo Stone Lion

I ran across this one while taking a quicker Google Maps suggested GPS route back home from the Memorial Monument of Lieutenant General Buckner.

I didn't quite know what it was at first as its name isn't in English as it appears as "字国吉守護獅子 (イシシーサー)" on the map—but had a rough idea. Nevertheless, I added it as a stop to my route anyway.

Hopefully, Google approves my English name edit of Azakuniyoshi Shugo Stone Lion so that it doesn't ward off others from stopping by if they also happen to be into Okinawa history.

The road to turn came up quick and I missed my turn, but Google rerouted me to take another right and then another right down a dirt road where I barely missed it again, almost thinking it no longer existed.

The plaque on it says that this particular shisa was reconstructed in the year 2000. I've been unable to find any history on it or pictures of it prior to 2000. Maybe one day I'll head back to the area and see if anyone in Kuniyoshi (a suburb of Itoman, if you will) has anything that they can add.

As for now, it makes for a good pitstop for anyone in the Itoman area heading back home as it's not too far out of the way!
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