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OTO: Automobiles Should Be Banned
Debate — Automobiles should be banned.


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This post came across my feed today and is a good topic to discuss; we did alright without them, but better with automobiles.

I didn't fact check any of this, nor do I have citations for any of the data collected. I want to see some of your opinions on the matter before I delve into fact-checking each statistic as well as bring my own opinion into it. This can be applicable to the world, USA, Japan, or even Okinawa.

Just add something substantial to your opinionated post, even if you're truly for or against banning automobiles and just want to sharpen your debating skills. :)
More than six million car accidents occur each year in the U.S., and according to the NHTSA, about 6% of all motor vehicle accidents in the United States result in at least one death.

About 90 people die every day in the U.S. from vehicle accidents.

Roughly 27% of all vehicle accidents result in nonfatal injuries. However, some of these injuries can cause tremendous pain or lead to permanent disabilities.

Nearly three million drivers suffer injuries and about two million drivers suffer permanent injuries from car accidents each year.
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For Okinawa, I see the bicycle and scooter the main means of getting around. As far as cars goes, in many major cities there's been a big decrease of young buyers in the car market here on the mainland.
Gas now is down to 110 yen a liter, a big drop from 142 (higher in Tokyo) from about 4 weeks ago.
No, the cars will not be banned, but the sales of cars will be on a big decrease due to people dying of all types of cases and the used car market, well, I think there's a big silence of them being shipped out of the country to Central America and South America, especially the Vans.

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