News August Updates to Okinawa.Org

Okinawa.Org has updated our core software so that we could implement a wide variety of changes. For more avid posters, these changes will be more difficult to get used to as the editor has changed a bit. However, it is more functional, provides a lot more flexibility on formatting posts, and is easier to use on mobile.
Okinawa.Org Site Updates (August)

Speaking of mobile, this update will introduce an "App" for Android users. You may be prompted to download the app and it will be added to your home screen for easy one-click access to the site. Notifications will also come in handy for those Android users that opt to use the app as it will seamlessly open in the application if clicked on.

Okinawa Questions has been completely revamped as it no longer is a separate piece of software and is included in the core of this site itself.

Over the next couple of days, we will also be swapping out our current Okinawa Classifieds software with a reliable version that has no visible bugs, i.e., showing Okinawa Jobs that have already closed out.

Lastly, our site news and updates will be moved from our Okinawa Blog into this forum so that we can set emphasis on Okinawa News in the Blog apart from our site updates, which includes this, making what's really important in Okinawa pop out compared to mere updates on our site.

Drastic changes have taken place overnight and you may have to get used to the new editor. Minor changes, such as a shift in where content is and how to post classifieds, will be rolled between the hours of 1145-0730 for the next week, unless they can be made live throughout the day to not interrupt services, such as minor color changes.

Nonetheless, if you see a bug or think there may be a bug, please post in Comments and Feedback.
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Moving Okinawa Blog posts regarding site updates to this new format is a lot of work! This alone will probably take an entire night (and we may not even finish by then). Nonetheless, the blog will be much cleaner once we put an emphasis on Okinawa News instead of combining it in the News category along with Okinawa.Org site news and announcements.

We are able to retain the comments made on individual posts as well as the dates posted. However, they will convert from article comments to messages on the forum.

With that said, it's uncertain at the moment whether or not your reaction counts will remain the same during this transfer process, which could potentially take away trophies earned.

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