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For the past 35 years, self-taught Okinawan painter Hirokazu Akamine has been collecting local and international awards for his paintings. And for 15 years, Akamine-sensei has been endeavoring to pass his knowledge to artists on Okinawa. Over these years, more than 80 students have learned a unique watercolor style from a master painter.

More information on the Naha art exhibition at Ryubo

This week, you can enjoy over 100 works from the students of Akamine's atelier.

On the 7th floor of the Ryubo Department Store in Naha, a vast gallery offers a free show from now until Sunday. If you would like an American guide, @Elizabeth Gomez will be signing in guests and answering any questions on Friday, September 27th, from 10 – 2.

Palette Kumoji

Naha  Palette Kumoji

Palette Kumoji, also known as Ryubo Department Store, is a department store located on the southernmost corner of Kokusai Street in Naha.
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It was a really nice exhibit! You have wonderful peers and a great sensei, @Elizabeth Gomez.

I especially enjoyed the "hyaku en" (¥100) theme of these two pieces done by you, even though there were one or two others on display, because of the unique concept behind them.

20190927_133850.jpg 20190927_133855.jpg

I will post more of my favorite water paintings from others later on as I go through my images from the day. :)

Elizabeth Gomez

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Thanks so much! I am so very glad you made it to the exhibit! There are wonderful exhibits all the time and I really need to try to make it down there more often! Thank you for photographing my little collection! I can't wait to see the others that you post as my classmates really had some stunning pieces!

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