Question Are there hardware stores in Okinawa that sell bicycles?

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The topic of the thread is my question. Are there?
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Yes. There's a hardware/houseware chain called Make Man that sells bikes.

You're probably going to need a specialty store if you're looking for a road bike though. I don't think I've ever seen them there, but also haven't looked.
island cyclist

island cyclist

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Hey David
I am having no luck in finding a place that sells cheap bikes under 20000 yen. Does Donkey Hotei sell them at their big store?
I'll see if Make Man sells bikes.
I 'm finding this to be more of a challenge then an adventure.

you got a quick link for make man
just incase i cant find on the net
I'll look for the map too


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Makeman Urasoe (near Camp Kinser) is 098-878-2777 and Makeman Tomigusuku (closer to Naha Airport, but heading south) is 098-840-5100.

I haven't seen a bike under 15,000 yen unless it had 1 gear and nothing under 20,000 with gears.

There are 2 bikes sitting out front in my driveway. One is 1 gear and a little older and the other is a 6-speed. They both look like they need a a little TLC and possibly a new chain. However, whichever one of them that you feel needs less work (to get to the Makeman about 1km from my house for WD-40 and a new chain) has your name on it if you come by.

...and if you take one, don't sweat it as they both are likely to sit there until they deteriorate to the point of being an eyesore that forces me to recycle them.

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