Answered Anyone there willing to take a picture for me?


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I lived on Kadena from 91-97 and miss it. Was hoping someone there could take a pic and send it to me of a certain hill on Kadena I used to hang out with my friends. Thank you!
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I'm unsure if pictures on base are allowed, but it may just be in certain areas showing building numbers, certain equipment, or of the flight line.

Is there a particular hill that it was and can you pinpoint it on Google Maps?


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That would be awesome. A sunset pic is what I was hoping for. We used to hang out there all day until the lights came on when we were kids.
I'll scout the area out then. I can only see from satellite that it may make for a good sunset.

Either way, if it's okay, I'll get the shots next time I get gas! :)


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Sorry, I saw your post in the other thread and it is still on my to-do. I still need to see whether there are COVID-19 restrictions in place and to also get with Security Forces on Kadena to see if I am allowed to photograph from here.

I haven't forgotten and it is on my to-do list. (y)

If it's a great spot, expect a time-lapse video of the sunset as well (because my first time-lapse video didn't go so well with forgetting it on ISO 100 so it went to black real quick). :)


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Sorry this took so long, @Kawika0! We couldn't make it to Kadena until today. This photo was taken at about 1800 on August 12, 2020.

A view of the sunset, overlooking Kadena Air Base, to the East China Sea.

This is a great view! As it stands, we're still here and may get a professional shot with a DSLR (the above was taken on a Samsung Note 9 as to why there's sun flare) for our Okinawa Sunsets gallery, if we can make it to 1906—today's sunset and around an hour from now.

The photo was taken about 4 feet from your pin as it was at a slightly higher elevation on the hill to get the East China Sea in the shot.

Does this bring back memories?

Let us know if you'd like any other specific views in Okinawa. :)

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