Question Any places on Okinawa that cash US government checks ?


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The wife has 2 of the COVID relief checks and our Okinawa bank no longer takes us checks.
We're non-SOFA, so on base isn't an option.
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On base would be your only local option. You can endorse the check over to someone you trust and, since base no longer allows visitors, they can run it to their bank and cash it.

Otherwise, you will have to sign it over to someone you trust in the States and mail it to them. They can then wire it, send it by Western Union, or PayPal it—all of which incur fees, but I don't know to what extent.

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This post is for real. Thanks for posting it .
My story.
1. I got the first check for 1200 bucks. Tried every bank in town to cash it. Nope. Even my wife's bank and I wish I
had her money in my account. LOL
2. I signed the check and put " pay to the order of " on it and sent it to my brother in the States.
3. No luck on that.
4. He mailed it back and in October I sent the check back to the Treasury Dept. with void on it.
5. Nothing came out of it.
6. Just got the 600 dollar check yesterday.
7. Yes, I'd like someone on this forum to cash it for me.
8.. Heck I'll make it worth your while, like how's 100 bucks for cashing it for me. No BS

This only applies to someone in Okinawa that knows that the check can be cashed by them.
I'm in Yamaguchi-ken. ( I'm also ex Military, and was stationed at Kadena many years ago )
Not that this matters, but I hope to cycle this summer around Okinawa, so heck we can meet up for lunch.



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Would also be glad to help, but I am only available on Mondays and Wednesdays so it may take an entire week to get you the funds, especially if the check is held up to clear because mine was already cashed. @Mike D may be a better choice if he's in your area (I'm more southern and that's why the days available are like that).

I sent a conversation with my information if needed.


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This won't help you directly with the question that you needed help with but it will help you if you follow the lead.

There is a bank in Tokyo called Shinsei Bank, Shinsei Ginkou. 新生銀行。It has offices in Tokyo and the USA and other countries as well and it is accessible via the internet in English. It might take a little time/work but you can open an account with Shinsei Bank over the internet. If you do that you should be able to cash future U.S. government checks at a stateside bank and then transfer your money into your Shinsei Bank account. From there you can use Shinsei Bank to pay your bills or use Shinsei Bank ATM services at any convenience store on Okinawa. It works great for me, I use it all the time. TDuck :)


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Note: I normally do not use Shinsei Bank to make withdrawals at convenience stores on Okinawa because the first monthly withdrawal is free but each withdrawal after that costs ¥300. I think most Japanese and Okinawan Banks charge the same amount. I'm a small person and I don't like giving big banks ¥300 or $3.00.

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