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THIS PIN is for TREE LOVERS ONLY! ❤ PARK at the pinned location below and walk the path. Bug Spray recommended! :):)

Had some business on Hamahiga Island today. Was mostly in Higa (east side), but popped into Hama (northwest side) just to take a few pics of... THE SACRED GROVE OF THE BANYAN GODS. Ok, so I made that name up. By the way. Two words: BUG SPRAY!!!

If you are ever over this way (to visit Muruku Beach, and etc.) and happen to love trees, pop in here for a quick look, and give this old Banyan a hug.

The real name of the place is "Agari no Utaki", which means "The Sacred Grove of the East"... because it's on the east side of Hama Village.

Okinawa has hundreds of large and beautiful trees. This is just one of them.

This is my favorite picture of the batch, so I'm putting it first. Also, although you would never know just by looking while taking these pictures, it was raining the whole time, with lightning and thunder to boot!

Under cover of rain and thunder at Agari no Utaki on Hamahiga Island


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