News Additional Features & Site Changes

Here are a couple of updates that we pushed out this week to improve the user experience here on's forum.​

Additional Features & Site Changes to Okinawa.Org

Profile Covers
It seems like just about every social network known to man allows you to customize your profile. We asked ourselves, "Why not here?" So, we've implemented profile covers. A demonstration of such can be seen by hovering over this account's name for a smaller view or clicking it to see the full view in the profile itself.

A profile cover can be an image or a new color. Though, you're more than welcome to use the default pink shade. A guide on how to set this up on your account can be found in the thread, Setting Your Profile Cover.

Guest Access Restrictions
We've restricted guest access permissions to 10 views per day. As we will be heavy on media with larger file formats that will be anywhere from ready to print images of Okinawa to 4K video, we will need support by user registration. Once this limit is hit, you will be made to register or come back in 24 hours for another 10 views.

But hey, why not register for the best social experience in Okinawa?

Forum Name Changes
Our original forums Okinawa and Questions and Answers have been renamed Everything Okinawa and Okinawa Questions respectively. Additionally, we've added a better descriptor to let users know what type of content goes where; though, we have no problem assisting in moving irrelevant content to the proper forums.

These changes were made in order to better match our associated and official Facebook Pages and Groups.​
The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of Okinawa.Org.

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