Photo Op A Split Screen Saturday

A SPLIT-SCREEN SATURDAY up in cold, wet, and windy SATE VILLAGE, along Highway 58 (old Highway 1) north of Okuma.

I took this a few years ago, but it reminds me of the weather here in Okinawa yesterday and today.

A perfect place for a photo op in Okinawa once the weather changes.

Actually, I wish I was up there, but, I'm stuck at home for other things.

Anybody can take this TRICKY PIC in ONE CLICK by standing in just the right spot, and there's a nice walkway under Hwy 58 to take you right to it.

Just park along old Hwy 1 in the below-pinned location and follow the short path to the sea along the Sate River.

Rain or Shine, have fun, and maybe get an odd-ball family pic or two if your kids are with you.

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