A blast from the past ( a few pictures )

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I was out cycling ( Yamaguchi-ken ) and took these pictures. I guess about 60 some years ago there was this little country store. The daughter of that store built the store/house across the street ( dang, I didn't take a picture of it ), but now they tore down the little shack that was once a store and rice storage place. (too late for the picture). I took these pictures. Notice the style of how old this stuff is. Also on the coke case, notice the price of 110 yen. This is where the bottle cokes I think of 10 oz ? . This stuff was way before I came to Japan, yen I think was about 360 to a buck then. So the cokes were about 30 cents. Must have been a real treat back then.
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That (cooling) shelf looks like it could be worth a pretty penny to a collector or just a store that wants to add it in once refurbished to keep it vintage. If you got the skills to do it, I'd make an offer... could make a couple hundred, or more, if you find an international buyer.

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