Photo 96% Waxing Moon With Clear Shot Of Jupiter

96% Waxing Moon With Clear Shot Of Jupit
A 96% waxing moon visible from Naha with Jupiter Hidden


Okinawa.Org Staff
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Tamron SP 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2
ƒ/2.8, the title is a bit misleading. I believed it was a full moon on the 1st before running in and checking my phone's app, Tides, which not only shows the tides in various places of Okinawa, but the moons as well.

With what appeared to be a star so bright next to it, I had to see what it was as well by using Star Walk 2. It was exciting to see that it turned out to be Jupiter and so close to the moon to get an excellent shot of both. However, when I got my camera out and got back outside, the clouds quickly rolled in and only provided a small window of opportunity to get a shot of the moon—without Jupiter—before the rain came quick and hard.

96% waxing moon visible from Naha before the clouds rolled in

I waited a bit for the rain to subside, and it did. Though, the thick clouds still blocked the view of the moon and Jupiter.

Mickey, my cat, was enjoying himself rolling around crazily on the cement before he got bored stargazing with me.

My cat, Mickey

Note: Feel free to add your animals enjoying themselves to our Animals category in the media gallery too! 😊

I'll see if I can get a better opening of the night sky to post a picture of the moon and Jupiter earlier in the morning if they don't split too far apart, but, it looks doubtful. When I go in and out to check, I'm definitely leaving Mickey inside as he acts like a child when it's time to go back in and throws a temper-tantrum. 😅

These shots of the moon are definitely making me want to invest in either a Tamron 2x teleconverter or the Tamron 150-600mm G2 to get a closer look at all the craters the moon has without cropping in so much.

Do you like clear shots of the moon, as some people like their sunsets in a perfect manner such as split in half over the horizon, or is a little cloud coverage to add some depth something you enjoy in a photo as well?
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