Opinion 35th Naha Marathon (2019)


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The Naha Marathon is quite popular, ranking in on Wikipedia at #68 for the largest running events, with over 20,000 runners each year. I've not been to any other marathon or seen any others myself, other than the Naha Marathon as it passes by my house, but it seems to be a spectator sport to some degree with a huge community turnout throughout the entire course.

Naha Marathon: A spectator sport?

It's great to see people that made it the approximate 37 kilometers to this point in great costumes and having a fun time.

Santa running the 35th Naha Marathon Someone wearing a Pikachu hat running by

It was hotter this year than previous years which I've seen some pretty intense costumes and could only imagine how much water they're losing running in them.

But, it's a community event with ordinary people helping out pass out water.

Lady passing out water during the 2019 Naha Marathon

Kids even help out and people also pass out chocolates and Aquarius packs and even dried fruits.

Kids passing out water during the 2019 Naha Marathon Someone handing out chocolates and Aquarius to the runners of the 35th Naha Marathon People passing out dried fruits to the marathon runners

But of course, there is official staff that passes out salt and water at various booths along the way as well as safety crew.

Tent with Naha Marathon staff passing out salt and water to runners AED safety crew on standby during the 35th Naha Marathon

At this point, I feel bad for those that give up since they're so close (I think about 3-4 kilometers away)...

Runner sitting it out at about the 40km mark of the 35th Naha Marathon (2019)

...hopefully, he got up enough courage and was able to walk the rest of the way as it's within reach at this point.

The only irritant of living along the course is if I have to make an errand, the 331 Bypass (58) is blocked off so I have to use the crowded backroads or wait until the blockades are lifted.

Roads blocked off for the 2019 Naha Marathon


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