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At this point, it doesn't appear to be canceled.

That said, the combined total will be more than 9 at the venue; however, each group—such as a family or two picking snacks, bread, roasted coffee beans, etc. at one booth—will eventually leave the area to a distinct one of their own where they will picnic together. It would be up to SOFA personnel to use their best judgment if more than 9, if that's the directive, are in any one area and avoid it until their turn to select goods to social distance on a picnic mat of their own or leave with the goodies.

Shintoshin Park, near Main City in Naha, is a fairly open area. Even though the name includes "Fest," this is not a traditional festival with booths and crowds of hundreds.

For Expats, use judgment to see if it's something that you're willing to experience, attend, have fun and eat new and great food! :)

We'll update whether they decide to call it off or not.

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