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2020 First Sunrise At Nakagusuku Castle Ruins

So you've brought in the new year with some sort of celebration, whether it be at the Mabuni Fire and Bell Festival, at another event, or maybe just enjoying it the typical way that you do.

However, after the celebrations, you can also bring in the new year with the first sunrise at Nakagusuku Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The event will begin before dawn on January 1st at 0600, so it is...
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When they said dress warmly, I took that as a tshirt under a long John type sweater covered with a The North Face zip up hoodie.

I'm standing in 16°C, feels like 14°C, waiting for the gates to open at 0600.

Gloves would be nice about now...

All in all, the First Sunrise At Nakagusuku Castle Ruins seems like quite a popular event with about a dozen waiting to get in and more in their cars.

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