News 2019 Okinawa.Org Year-End Review

Happy New Year from the Okinawa.Org family!

Ironically, this site first went live on this day in 2018, and, besides describing what great features we had to provide to registered users and visitors alike on that day, not much else happened.

Since then, we've immensely grown over 2019 and have experienced and shared quite a lot of unique things about Okinawa.

Here is Okinawa.Org's Year-End Review:

We have to start this off with our first blog post, not because it was our first, but because it'll help you navigate temples and shrines in Okinawa from the first of January.
Shrines and temples in Okinawa - What to expect during the New Year

The most popular place we posted was our venture into the darkness at Todoroki Cavern in Itoman.
The entryway to Todoroki Cavern in Itoman

Many requested if it was kid-friendly. We, and the founder, @David's, daughter, Lana, would tend to think so.
Lana deep inside Todoroki Cavern, a kid-friendly, natural cave in Itoman

Though we'd say to visit the page prior to going to see what to expect you might expect.

A momentary plug for Lana's upcoming YouTube channel; I'm sure she'd love a subscription.

Speaking of kid-friendly activities: Another thing that is quite often brought up is if a place is kid-friendly or not. So, we decided to put out an article explaining that everyone in the family can have a great time out, drinks included at izakayas in Okinawa.
Experience a family night out, with drinks, just about anywhere in Okinawa!

A fun opinion piece that we did with the community's help was our Family Mart vs. Lawson post as it included a poll. Can you guess who won?
Family Mart vs. Lawson: Who Won?

One of the most popular places, and iconic pictures you see of in Okinawa, is the Nirai-Kanai Bridge. But to get a glimpse of it, you have to visit the observation deck.
Nirai-Kanai Bridge

Everyone loves stairs, right? Well, that became apparent in the fuss about not only the parking situation beneath the Stairway to Heaven but also the closure of it for repairs. This is a nice place to get a good glute exercise in.
Stairway to Heaven in Okinawa

Finding things to do in Okinawa isn't tough, especially with our site as a resource to help you out. However, finding things to do that are in remote places, for those adventure seekers, can be. But, it doesn't have to. With Google Maps aerial reconnaissance, you can find some of the best, and untouched, treasures in Okinawa to visit!
Google Maps aerial reconnaissance in Okinawa

Although we left out hundreds of other things to do and see in Okinawa, we wanted to keep our year-end review short and simple, to only include 7, to be exact. This is because, in Japan, the number 7 represents "togetherness", and without you and what you want to see, this community wouldn't have developed into what it is today as unity is kept in mind.

If you want more, take a moment to browse through our Okinawa blog and Okinawa Pin Drops to see more of what you may have missed if you haven't been following us or are new here.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year from the Okinawa.Org family!
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