INFO 2019 Okinawa Octoberfest × Okinawa Food Flea

2019 Okinawa Octoberfest
2019 Okinawa Octoberfest × Okinawa Food Flea


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Is the 49th Naha Tug-of-War Festival not your cup of beer? Try out 2019 Okinawa Octoberfest and Okinawa Food Flea instead!

Beers and food from around the world will be served by various vendors. While some will accept credit, it's advisable to bring yen as well to open yourself up to try a wider selection of food and brew.

A purchase of a reusable 100-yen plastic cup is required.

Reusable plastic cup at the 2019 Okinawa Octoberfest

Please note that alcohol will only be served to those 22 years and older. Ensure that you bring proper identification.

The event is free to enter and includes free parking at Ginowan Port Marina; though, please don't drink and drive.

Okinawa Octoberfest will take place at Ginowan Marina Seaside Park on Saturday, October 12, from 1500 to 2100 and Sunday, October 13, from 1200 to 1900.

The vendor map for 2019 Okinawa Octoberfest and Okinawa Food Flea
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