Camp Kinser Tree Lighting Ceremony
2019 Camp Kinser Tree Lighting Ceremony


Okinawa.Org Staff
Dec 26, 2018
Military life can be hard for some, especially since you're miles away from friends and family members for years on end. Fortunately, there are events that can raise the spirits of those during the holiday season with events like the Camp Kinser Tree Lighting Ceremony put on by the military and assisted by other great organizations such as the USO, MCCS, and others.

Like always, we always arrive in what I've picked up as "Oki time", or, late. So, we ended up missing the vehicle parade and some other stuff. But, my daughter didn't seem to mind one bit as she had a lot of fun.

Daughter posing by the lit Christmas tree at the 2019 Camp Kinser Tree Lighting Ceremony

Nonetheless, we all ended up having fun and got to eat great food, before we left. We, the adults, ended up getting hungry again and I was able to get time to go out to celebrate my 13th year anniversary with my wife (@Snow), a few days late, and fill up once more. ?

I was fascinated in teaching her more about military life as it's not just all about war, there are other jobs too. I thought I had reinforced her with this concept on a Japanese base (as she speaks Japanese too), but she still quite doesn't understand, which is alright, and it's solely up to her when she grows up to join up or not when she does understand more.

She got a great opportunity to see a PMO car (something that I never want to see behind me on base ?) and post up by it.

Posing by a USMC PMO car at the Camp Kinser Tree Lighting Ceremony

And, she even got to meet another woman serving in the Marine Corps that took a little bit of fright out of her about the military by taking a few moments of her time explaining her job and somewhat mentoring her. (A special thanks to her for her time in doing so)

Daughter with excellent Marine at Camp Kinser Tree Lighting Ceremony

Who even took her into the PMO car and let her press the buttons (that, as I said, I never want to hear ?)!

Daughter with excellent Marine inside PMO car pressing buttons

And, like always, she wanted to stay longer. Fortunately, whoever set up the bounce house let it stay up until they were instructed to take it down. So, it was all hers for quite some time. We thank them because this tired her out enough to go to bed when we got home almost immediately to go out and celebrate.

Daughter all to herself in bounce house at the end of Camp Kinser Tree Lighting Ceremony

Even though it looks like she was alone with these shots, she made quite a few friends and they played tag together in the grassy area of the parking lot.

I'm only posting this now because she said that she wanted to be a YouTuber for a year or two now. But, we never got around to it. We're going to be starting a channel, Fun With Lana, with her exploring Okinawa and showing kids all the great things to do. It may be in Japanese if she's uncomfortable with English, but we will subtitle it so when we do post, parents can observe and see how much fun their kids can have at those places too.

It would probably make her happy if you subscribed as it stands, I'm her only one. You can subscribe to her channel here if you want, even though there's no video yet, as it'd probably make her Christmas seeing much more. :)

I encourage all single Marines, as I didn't and regret it, to attend events like these as well. You can have fun there, and afterward, get back to partying. In other words, don't spend your entire years here in the barracks or at bars and clubs partying when you can have a great time eating great food and having some good hot chocolate (this year I believe provided by the USO).
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Okinawa.Org Staff
Dec 27, 2018
We would also love some other pictures of the event if any of you have some and are willing to share it here :) Thanks!

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