Giveaway $20 Typhoon Maysak Giveaway!

This is a special Okinawa.Org giveaway announcement!
$20 Okinawa.Org Giveaway!
Introduce yourself on Okinawa.Org and enter yourself in a drawing to win $20!

Introduce Yourself​

Unlike our previous $20 dollar giveaway that required no participation on this site, this one does—but it's easy!

It's as easy as introducing yourself in 25 words or more with as staying as anonymous as you'd wish. You can sign up for the Okinawa.Org community forum with any username you wish and introduce yourself to how you feel fit. Furthermore, leave a comment under the Typhoon Maysak news article telling us how you're riding this one out.​

How To Enter​

  1. Log in or sign up for Okinawa.Org (yes, even older registered members are eligible without a new entry).​
  2. Make a new thread in the Meet and Greet forum introducing yourself in 20 words or more.​
  3. Tell us how you're riding out Typhoon Maysak in a comment posted here.​
  4. ...browse around Okinawa.Org for a bit if you wish to experience the ad-free environment (if you so wish to opt-out of ads)...​
  5. That's it!​

Winner Announced​

The winner of this contest will be announced after Typhoon Mayak passes Okinawa. According to Kadena Air Base, we are currently in TC-1C. When the "all clear" is given, Lana will select 1 winner from a hat.​

Good luck!

Payments are only available via Navy Federal, PayPal, or a direct Japanese bank deposit.
† † If the payment can't be made in one of the three ways above, we will attempt to send an Amazon, etc., gift card in the amount of $20 to a provided email address.
† † † As always, unclaimed prizes will go to charity, or a charity of the winner's choice.
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