1. Rob Oechsle

    Historical Landmark The Tomb Of The Lord Of Nakijin Castle

    ♦ THE TOMB OF THE LORD of NAKIJIN CASTLE --- A Very Short & Sweet (10-15 Minutes) "INDY JONES" Trail for you and your kids that's NOWHERE NEAR NAKIJIN CASTLE !!! 😊 (PINS in Caption & Below) Right up behind the kid's playground at the popular TOGUCHI BEACH in YOMITAN, there's an obscure little...
  2. Zanpa Beach

    Zanpa Beach

  3. J

    Opening Ken's Place – Auto Mechanic

    Description: Must be familiar with all types of Vehicles. The salary is negotiable. Contact Ken for more information. Location: 180-2 Iramina · Yomitan-son Nakagami-gun, Okinawa, Japan
  4. Sea Wall Yomitan

    Sea Wall Yomitan

  5. Sea Wall in Yomitan

    Sea Wall in Yomitan

  6. David

    Historical Landmark Senahaga Spring

    When you reach the barrier to head towards Senaha Beach and walk further down, you'll be greeted with a Y in the path. If you take the right of the Y, you'll be at the main beachhead of Senaha Beach. However, if you take the left, you will walk down a path and see this pole to your right...
  7. David

    Beach Senaha Beach

    Senaha Beach in Yomitan is a wonderful beach for swimming, snorkeling, tide pooling, having a barbeque, kayaking, exploring the sea caves, and even camping out for the night. Even though the tide is out in this picture, it shows you that even though it's a fairly small beach, there are...
  8. Kitchen 58

    Central Kitchen 58

    Kitchen 58 is a casual and cozy kid-friendly restaurant that serves both American and Greek food, to include the sought after gyro, located on the northbound lane of Route 58 in Yomitan, Okinawa. They deliver 'home cooked' style meals in what can only be described as a hole in the wall...
  9. Yomitan