1. Naha Waterfall

    Naha Waterfall

    There's nothing like trekking up a river during a rainstorm to find a roaring waterfall... in the heart of Naha City! (Warning: Do not do this without experience in Okinawa; you do not know when the water turn on you)
  2. Rob Oechsle

    Beach Ie Beach & Ie River

    A ROCKY GORGE; a LOVELY POOL; low, climbable WATERFALLS, and a RIVER TO EXPLORE --- All just a few hundred yards upstream from a PRETTY BEACH, a SHADY BRIDGE, and PICTURESQUE SEA ROCKS. Well, that sure covers a lot !!! And it even comes with a sea-side PARKING LOT and a little CAFE, to boot...
  3. Giza Banta Cliff

    Giza Banta Cliff

    A long exposure shot of the falls, halfway down the rockface, at Giza Banta Cliff on a clear blue day after Typhoon Tapah.
  4. Rob Oechsle

    Attraction Nana Falls in Kijoka Village

    NANA FALLS in KIJOKA VILLAGE --- I love this spot. And so do many others. However, there might be some folks here seeing it for the first time. The picturesque nature of the twin cascade is very different than most other falls on Okinawa. Here you see it during heavy rains, but on most days...