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veterinary clinic

  1. Iris D&C Vet

    Central Iris D&C Vet

    Iris D&C Vet is an animal hospital relatively close to Kadena Air Force Base in the Nakagami District district of Kadena. They provide a wide variety of services to include spaying and neutering of both cats and dogs based on the weights of the animals. Additionally, they provide discounts for...
  2. Animal Hospital 22

    Central Animal Hospital 22

    Animal Hospital 22 CMC is a veterinary hospital located on Route 23 in Chatan with knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff that strives to provide exceptional care to your pets in a clean and welcoming environment for both you and your loved ones. They provide competitive rates for the...
  3. Cherubium Animal Clinic

    Central Cherubium Animal Clinic

    Cherubim Animal Clinic is a reasonably priced veterinary clinic, even with the initial and reexamination fees included, which is located in Ginowan, an area located approximately 5 minutes south of MCAS Futenma's main gate. Their services include but are not limited to: vaccinations; heartworm...