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  1. island cyclist

    Awaiting Feedback How can I access Okinawa.Org forums?

    OK I just found out how to answer my last question...I go up to the top of the page and hit forums. And not the little arrow pointing down. :(
  2. H

    GUIDE Changing Your Username After You Join Okinawa.Org

    You might've signed up for Okinawa.Org by connecting your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, or even Amazon account and it carried over your first and last name, not knowing that you can select your own username. As this is a forum and we don't require your full name, you may be more...
  3. H

    GUIDE Setting Your Profile Cover

    Setting Your Profile Cover It's a fairly simple process to set your profile cover, for as long as you have the ability to resize your pictures to below 2500 pixels in width and 1500 pixels in height on whichever device you're using or can find an image on the web within this range (you can...
  4. H

    GUIDE Limits on forums, threads, posts, conversations, etc.

    New Member Limitations Because forums are heavily bombarded by bots and spammers that have a malicious intent on forum usage, new member accounts have certain restrictions in place. These limitations are outlined in the following section as well as how they can be lifted. Signatures Signature...
  5. Okinawa

    GUIDE Okinawa.Org Services and Resources

    Welcome to Okinawa.Org! Okinawa.Org’s mission is to be the largest Okinawa community on the web. Connect with people on the island. Stay informed. Learn. Share. All for free! Okinawa.Org Services and Resources: Introductions: Introduce yourself and network with the Okinawa community! Okinawa...