1. Uruma Exploring 2

    Uruma Exploring 2

    Shot when exploring a few streets of Uruma!
  2. Uruma Exploring 1

    Uruma Exploring 1

    Shot when exploring a few streets of Uruma!
  3. Close up plant

    Close up plant

    A shot from Uruma, as I was walking around a few streets!
  4. Seitenkoujinmei Shrine 5

    Seitenkoujinmei Shrine 5

    Seitenkoujinmei Shrine, in Uruma! Close up shot.
  5. Seitenkoujinmei Shrine 4

    Seitenkoujinmei Shrine 4

    Seitenkoujinmei Shrine, in Uruma! Close up shot.
  6. Seitenkoujinmei Shrine 3

    Seitenkoujinmei Shrine 3

    Seitenkoujinmei Shrine, in Uruma! Close up shot.
  7. Seitenkoujinmei Shrine 2

    Seitenkoujinmei Shrine 2

    Second photo from Seitenkoujinmei, Uruma
  8. Seitenkoujinmei Shrine 1

    Seitenkoujinmei Shrine 1

    A photo from Seitenkoujinmei-gu in Uruma
  9. Uruma Dog

    Uruma Dog

    Upon exploring a few streets in Uruma, I was greeted by a little inu!
  10. Ishikawa River

    Ishikawa River

  11. Marron Tidepooling

    Marron Tidepooling

    Marron looking for some little critter friends in the tidepools at Ikei Island.
  12. Furrrrrrriends!


    I see friends over there, let's go!
  13. Angel Wings In Okinawa

    Sightseeing Angel Wings In Okinawa

    If you've spent any time on social media, you've no doubt seen people posing with ornate or colorful mural wings. The Global Angel Wings Project was created in 2012 "to remind humanity we are the angels of this Earth." Founder Colette Miller has painted wings all over the world since the...
  14. Rob Oechsle

    Place of Worship Agari no Utaki

    THIS PIN is for TREE LOVERS ONLY! ❤ PARK at the pinned location below and walk the path. Bug Spray recommended! :):) Had some business on Hamahiga Island today. Was mostly in Higa (east side), but popped into Hama (northwest side) just to take a few pics of... THE SACRED GROVE OF THE BANYAN...
  15. Midorimachi, Uruma

    Midorimachi, Uruma

    Coordinates: 26.3785462, 127.8559323
  16. Café Pipineo

    Central Café Pipineo

    Café Pipineo is a lovely café that is neatly tucked away in Uruma; some may say that it's quite possibly even difficult to find if using GPS as it may make you believe that you're headed to the middle of nowhere due to it being located off of the typical main roads. Nonetheless, GPS will not...