1. Urasoe long exposure 4

    Urasoe long exposure 4

    Night time long exposures over Urasoe!
  2. Urasoe long exposure 3

    Urasoe long exposure 3

    Night time long exposures over Urasoe!
  3. Urasoe long exposure 2

    Urasoe long exposure 2

    Night time long exposures over Urasoe!
  4. Urasoe long exposure 1

    Urasoe long exposure 1

    Night time long exposures over Urasoe! Wind made it tricky for this specific shot, but still turned out great!
  5. Urasoe sunset

    Urasoe sunset

    Sunset over Urasoe
  6. David

    Photo Cheeruphanabi Throughout Japan!

    It was kind of neat knowing that all of Japan came together at 2000 on June 1st, 2020, to celebrate "cheeruphanabi" or, "cheer up [firework (show)]". Each of Japan's 47 prefectures put on a 5-minute firework display throughout Japan. I'm unsure of the locations in other prefectures or if they...
  7. Cheeruphanabi (Cheer Up Fireworks) – Urasoe

    Cheeruphanabi (Cheer Up Fireworks) – Urasoe

    Cheeruphanabi (hanabi is Japanese for fireworks) was a firework display simultaneously going on around all 47 prefectures in Japan on June 1st at 2000 to cheer us up about all the woes we've gone through the past couple of months with the pandemic that appears we've beat without lockdowns.
  8. Walking Iso Park

    Walking Iso Park

    Urasoe, the city Camp Kinser is located in, opened up parks on May 11th. We took this opportunity to finally get out and free our minds from what's going on around us in the world while enjoying the scenery. Iso Park has some amazing views from atop the hill as well as some great walking paths...
  9. U.S. Consulate General Naha

    South U.S. Consulate General Naha

    The U.S. Consulate General Naha's significant constituency is the large number of American personnel and their accompanying family members here on Okinawa. Though their services do support every U.S. citizen. Their 10-person consular team provides passport assistance, reports of births abroad...
  10. David

    Historical Landmark Hacksaw Ridge

    My first attempt to visit Hacksaw Ridge left me right below it, at the basin where Urasoe Youdore is at on the Urasoe Castle Ruins site. My second attempt led me to Needle Rock—a cool rock formation on the same ridge and a good history lesson, but not where I intended on going either time. I...
  11. David

    Historical Landmark Needle Rock

    After my first attempt to visit Hacksaw Ridge in February of 2019, only having enough time to photograph parts Urasoe Castle Ruins, though being told I was "right on it," I had to return. Today, I plugged Hacksaw Ridge into my GPS and was taken to this weird gated entrance, with plain English...
  12. A Beach That You Probably Didn't Even Know Existed

    Beach A Beach That You Probably Didn't Even Know Existed

    As Okinawa is surrounded by water, you don't need to travel very far to find a beach. However, you sometimes might need to go out of your way in order to satisfy your entire family, pets included. There's a beach that you might be passing day-in-day-out on your way to work, to and from PARCO...
  13. Places


    This thread is for the general discussion for PARCO CITY. Please add to the discussion here.

    South PARCO CITY

    PARCO CITY is a mall located in Urasoe, Okinawa that offers a variety of different products and services. Some products range from fashion, to include ladies', men's, and kid's; sportswear; other fashion accessories; interior design stores; hobby stores; cosmetics; and the sales of home...
  15. PARCO CITY: A Grand Opening Sneak Peek

    Shop PARCO CITY: A Grand Opening Sneak Peek

    PARCO CITY is not just another mall in Okinawa; it delivers much more than any other malls, mainly with the much important aspect of time saved getting there due to the congestion around Main Place and Rycom. With that said, PARCO offers high-end brands and stores previously only seen at...
  16. United Cinemas

    South United Cinemas

    United Cinemas is located within Urasoe's PARCO CITY and is the only movie theater on Okinawa that offers a 4DX, IMAX and IMAX with lasers, and ScreenX (a 3-screen 270 degree viewing angle) experience. They offer international movies in their native language with Japanese subtitles (look for: 字)...
  17. Sunset on 06/16/2019

    Sunset on 06/16/2019

    Another beautiful end to a nice day in Okinawa.
  18. David

    Sightseeing An Interesting Feature Of The Yui Rail Monorail Expansion

    Monorails, by design, are meant to run on elevated tracks above populated areas in order to cut back on costly underground rail systems. The 4.1-kilometer extension will run to four new stations upon completion: Ishimine Station Kyozuka Station And then it'll stop by Urasoemaeda Station...
  19. NEOS Okinawa

    Central NEOS Okinawa

    NEOS Okinawa is the premier outdoors supply store on Okinawa that carries an extremely large inventory of goods to please just about any outdoors enthusiast. Whether you're looking for camping equipment to include tents, chairs, grills, cooking utensils, etc.; hiking supplies such as daypacks or...
  20. Y-plate And Dump Truck Collide On Route 58 Causing 7 KM Traffic Backup

    News Y-plate And Dump Truck Collide On Route 58 Causing 7 KM Traffic Backup

    URASOE – At approximately 7 a.m. on May 31, an accident involving a Y-plate and dump truck occurred on Route 58 in the Nakanishi area of Urasoe City. According to Urasoe Police officials, a man in the US military driving the Y-plate vehicle was transported to a nearby hospital in a conscious...