1. David

    Sightseeing An Interesting Feature Of The Yui Rail Monorail Expansion

    Monorails, by design, are meant to run on elevated tracks above populated areas in order to cut back on costly underground rail systems. The 4.1-kilometer extension will run to four new stations upon completion: Ishimine Station Kyozuka Station And then it'll stop by Urasoemaeda Station...
  2. NEOS Okinawa

    Central NEOS Okinawa

    NEOS Okinawa is the premier outdoors supply store on Okinawa that carries an extremely large inventory of goods to please just about any outdoors enthusiast. Whether you're looking for camping equipment to include tents, chairs, grills, cooking utensils, etc.; hiking supplies such as daypacks or...
  3. Y-plate And Dump Truck Collide On Route 58 Causing 7 KM Traffic Backup

    News Y-plate And Dump Truck Collide On Route 58 Causing 7 KM Traffic Backup

    URASOE – At approximately 7 a.m. on May 31, an accident involving a Y-plate and dump truck occurred on Route 58 in the Nakanishi area of Urasoe City. According to Urasoe Police officials, a man in the US military driving the Y-plate vehicle was transported to a nearby hospital in a conscious...
  4. Arin Krin Garlic House

    Central Arin Krin Garlic House

    Arin Krin Garlic House is a laid back restaurant with a great atmosphere located in the Makiminato district of Urasoe City. They primarily serve menu items heavily flavored with garlic. Such favored items by many include garlic pizza, garlic soups, and the different salads that they offer. They...
  5. David

    Sightseeing Possible trip to Hacksaw Ridge?

    I thought so, until I got there. My initial plans were to finally visit Hacksaw Ridge today. However, I only had an hour to explore. I thought to myself, "That ought to be enough time to see and document it all." Once I arrived to the site by GPS, I knew that wasn't going to be the case. I...
  6. Shrine


    Some sort of a shrine at the end of the tombs.
  7. East Wing

    East Wing

    East Wing of the tombs for King Sho Nei.
  8. West Wing

    West Wing

    West Wing of the tombs for King Eiso.
  9. Doorway


    Doorway to the tombs.
  10. Doorway


    Doorway to the tombs.
  11. Pathway


    What was once the Kurashin-ujo is now an open pathway.
  12. Kurashin-ujo


    Kurashin-ujo was a dark man-made tunnel leading to the tombs.
  13. Marking


    A marking to signify the right direction.
  14. Hours


    Hours seem to be from 0900 to 1700/1800.
  15. Sign


    A sign explaining the tombs of the early Ryukyu Kingdom Kings.
  16. Lower View

    Lower View

    A lower view of the reconstructed (2005) Urasoe Castle Ruins.
  17. Side View

    Side View

    A side view of the reconstructed (2005) Urasoe Castle Ruins.