tuesday treat

  1. Child Treasure Rock At Night

    Child Treasure Rock At Night

    A five-minute exposure of Child Treasure Rock, located on the west side of Senaga Island, showing icy blue and calm waters when it was just the opposite of that as there was a storm just south of Okinawa.
  2. A Common House Shisa

    A Common House Shisa

    A shisa dog found outside of someone's home.
  3. What's Your Tuesday Treat?

    What's Your Tuesday Treat?

    What's your Tuesday Treat?
  4. Sunset Silhouette

    Sunset Silhouette

    A sunset silhouette on the seawall.
  5. Fuzhou Garden

    Fuzhou Garden

    Fuzhou Garden in Naha City has beauty in which every angle is breathtaking, from the exterior white walls to within the confines. (Photo by @[3:@Snow] on a collaboration shoot with @[404:@Photographer Doug])
  6. Sacred Sites Leading To Modern Okinawa

    Sacred Sites Leading To Modern Okinawa

    A roadway, with a hillside to the left, held up by a traditional Ryukyu-style wall, splitting old and preserved Ryukyu era sacred sites and tombs at Moriguchi Park in Naha City, leading off into modern Okinawa.
  7. Hibiscus (Selective Color)

    Hibiscus (Selective Color)

    All we see around us in Okinawa are beautiful hibiscus flowers planted. But have we really taken a deeper look at just the color of them and ignored their surroundings? Peer into the colors of the flowers and other flora Okinawa has to offer next time for a new perspective!
  8. Gushichan Beach — Lady In The Rocks

    Gushichan Beach — Lady In The Rocks

    This tunnel through the rocks to Gushichan Beach in Yaese, Okinawa—shaped like a woman in ballroom dress overlooking the sea—was found on a collaboration shoot with @[404:@Photographer Doug]. Both the beach and his work posted throughout this site should be checked out!
  9. Sueyoshi Shrine

    Sueyoshi Shrine

    The Sueyoshi Shrine is located within the grounds of Sueyoshi Park in Naha City.
  10. David

    Critique Who Did It Better?

    @Photographer Doug does some impressive work with the gear that he's been slowly accumulating (he hasn't posted a Camera Bag thread yet). Though, you would be impressed with his older work and the camera he was using and his newer work with a better camera. The photos that he shares with me...
  11. Marron, Our Mascot, Our Family

    Marron, Our Mascot, Our Family

    Marron, our mascot, and apart of our family, is a rescue from Okinawan-American Animal Rescue Society ("OAARS"). It's been a little over a year since we've taken her to this hidden gem in Itoman, but, she thoroughly enjoys it there finding new crabs to make friends with.
  12. A Rock Marking The Entrance To A Cape In Okinawa

    A Rock Marking The Entrance To A Cape In Okinawa

    There are several capes around the main island of Okinawa. However, this cape is rarely brought up and not as heavily visited as the rest. It, perhaps, has one of the most stunning views of all capes on a bright and sunny day though. If you venture down south, be sure to take in some sun at Cape...
  13. Naha Waterfall

    Naha Waterfall

    There's nothing like trekking up a river during a rainstorm to find a roaring waterfall... in the heart of Naha City! (Warning: Do not do this without experience in Okinawa; you do not know when the water turn on you)
  14. Walking Iso Park

    Walking Iso Park

    Urasoe, the city Camp Kinser is located in, opened up parks on May 11th. We took this opportunity to finally get out and free our minds from what's going on around us in the world while enjoying the scenery. Iso Park has some amazing views from atop the hill as well as some great walking paths...
  15. Connecting The World

    Connecting The World

    What we once took for granted as a means of passing time talking to friends and family is now something we can see we've taken granted of. These wires now signify the connections and relationships in this new world that we seemingly live in today, still connecting us, but without any real human...
  16. Depot Island

    Depot Island

    Depot Island is a great place to go while in Okinawa: it has everything from shopping to eating and drinking. However, due to the more recent events, Depot Island looks more like a modern-day Gilligan's Island with just about every shop closed and the area empty. We can't wait until we return to...
  17. Happy Hour!

    Happy Hour!

    This isn't quite the image that we wanted to work on, but was very fitting for the founder's—@David—birthday as he's kicking back a couple of chuhais during happy hour(s) tonight!
  18. Flowered Whale Shark

    Flowered Whale Shark

    A whale shark crafted out of well-placed flower pots on the corner of Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum.
  19. Feeling Crabby?

    Feeling Crabby?

    Feeling crabby during these days? A lot of us are and a lot of us will be impacted during these times. Just know that as the days pass, things will always get better. Let's all hope for the best so that we can once again return to the beach in flocks the fiddler crab in person (or to swim and...
  20. A Barren Tree In Naha Suburbia

    A Barren Tree In Naha Suburbia

    I noticed this tree at a park while trying to get a nice creative crop of Naha City with Ryu:X being a focal point but this tree ended up being in the way for that, and it was a little too hazy out in the distance for such a clear day to get a sharp focus. The tree, however, reminded me of the...