tuesday treat

  1. Feeling Crabby?

    Feeling Crabby?

    Feeling crabby during these days? A lot of us are and a lot of us will be impacted during these times. Just know that as the days pass, things will always get better. Let's all hope for the best so that we can once again return to the beach in flocks the fiddler crab in person (or to swim and...
  2. A Barren Tree In Naha Suburbia

    A Barren Tree In Naha Suburbia

    I noticed this tree at a park while trying to get a nice creative crop of Naha City with Ryu:X being a focal point but this tree ended up being in the way for that, and it was a little too hazy out in the distance for such a clear day to get a sharp focus. The tree, however, reminded me of the...
  3. Japan Airlines Boeing 767 Landing

    Japan Airlines Boeing 767 Landing

    On a beautiful sunny day in Okinawa, this photo of a Japan Airlines (JAL) with a Tokyo 2020 Olympics Livery paint scheme was taken on its approach to Naha International Airport. It was shot near the SENAGA Castle site which rests close to the Ryukyu Onsen Senagajima Hotel, at the peak of Senaga...
  4. Family Mart — Only The Best

    Family Mart — Only The Best

    A rainy night reflection photo of Family Mart, the best convenience store that Okinawa has to offer while wandering the streets of Naha after midnight on a Tuesday morning chuhai run.
  5. Okinawa GOAT

    Okinawa GOAT

    A goat grazing a farmer's fields in Tomigusuku, Okinawa, along with the rest of what can only be assumed as his siblings—an eco-friendly alternative to plowing fields.
  6. Okinawa Peace Hall

    Okinawa Peace Hall

    Okinawa Peace Hall, one of the many monuments at Peace Memorial Park, in Itoman, Okinawa, taken right after sunset.
  7. A Beach All To Yourself

    A Beach All To Yourself

    Go off the beaten path in Okinawa and you may just find a beach to enjoy all to yourself. Beware, though: you may just not have cell service there so you will totally be alone.
  8. Ride The Bus In Okinawa

    Ride The Bus In Okinawa

    Ride the bus in Okinawa so its fate doesn't end up like this, and your pockets stay a little bit more padded getting around while out on the town.
  9. Senagajima Neko

    Senagajima Neko

    A cat of Senaga Island catching what little shade it could on a cold but sunny winter's day here in Okinawa.
  10. What Connects You?

    What Connects You?

    What connects you to other people in life?
  11. Ishiganto Stone On Kokusai Street

    Ishiganto Stone On Kokusai Street

    A fairly large ishiganto stone—typically found at Y and T intersections to ward off evil spirits as it is believed a spirit will make a turn when it encounters the stone as opposed to entering the residence that may be at the end of the path it followed—found on Kokusai Street near the entrance...
  12. Heiwa Dori – Local Shopping & Escape From Rain

    Heiwa Dori – Local Shopping & Escape From Rain

    Heiwa Dori is a street off of Kokusai Street in Naha, also connected to Ichiba Hondori through Don Quijote and side alleys and roadways, that somewhat takes you back in time in Okinawa. There's just something special about walking Heiwadori, although it turning into a tourist area, with that...
  13. Umikaji Terrace Beer On Senaga Island

    Umikaji Terrace Beer On Senaga Island

    A day late, but still fitting as a Tuesday treat and a throwback Thursday! I had to pull the ole Rebel T6i box out the closet to see the receipt and the purchase date: 12/09/2016—been shooting 3-years now and my work has come a long way. This is actually a re-edit of an old post made on here on...
  14. Shisa Blowing Off Some Steam

    Shisa Blowing Off Some Steam

    Just a shisa blowing off some steam after last-minute Christmas gift shopping at the Exchange. This is located slightly off Kokusai Street between the Tsuboya Pottery District and the Hyatt Regency Naha.
  15. Orion Beer Lanterns

    Orion Beer Lanterns

    When you see these Orion beer lanterns hanging across a storefront, you can almost immediately tell that it'll be a fun place if you're a drinker. And if not, it might still turn out to be an excellent place to mingle with locals and practice your Japanese.
  16. Naminoue Shrine

    Naminoue Shrine

    A long exposure night shot of Naminoue Shrine from the bridge running parallel to the Shrine and Naminoue Beach.
  17. Audi R8 In Okinawa

    Audi R8 In Okinawa

    It's not every day that you see an Audi R8, or any exotic car for that matter, cruising the roads of Okinawa. Perhaps why this one was garaged up and under repairs.
  18. Peering Down Heiwa Dori

    Peering Down Heiwa Dori

    A look down Heiwa Dori, a street just off Kokusai Street, in Naha.
  19. Two Bikes At Rest

    Two Bikes At Rest

    Two bikes, a primary mode of transportation for some in the hustle and bustle of Naha, during the lunchtime hour.
  20. Yamashiro Coast

    Yamashiro Coast

    A peaceful day down in Itoman tide-pooling and listening to the waves crash on the coral as the tide slowly crept in.