1. Walking Iso Park

    Walking Iso Park

    Urasoe, the city Camp Kinser is located in, opened up parks on May 11th. We took this opportunity to finally get out and free our minds from what's going on around us in the world while enjoying the scenery. Iso Park has some amazing views from atop the hill as well as some great walking paths...
  2. Rob Oechsle

    Historical Landmark The Tomb Of The Lord Of Nakijin Castle

    ♦ THE TOMB OF THE LORD of NAKIJIN CASTLE --- A Very Short & Sweet (10-15 Minutes) "INDY JONES" Trail for you and your kids that's NOWHERE NEAR NAKIJIN CASTLE !!! 😊 (PINS in Caption & Below) Right up behind the kid's playground at the popular TOGUCHI BEACH in YOMITAN, there's an obscure little...
  3. Rob Oechsle

    Park Okinawa Prefectural People's Forest (Kenmin no Mori)

    Forest of Residents' State Park (Kenmin-no-Mori) -- A beginners trail map to get you started: Questions about this place keep popping up, so I decided to adopt a local trail map with some overlaid notes and post it for this group. Intentionally simple, it leaves plenty of room for you to...
  4. Fun For Everyone At Treehouse Adventure Playground

    Adventure Fun For Everyone At Treehouse Adventure Playground

    Looking for a day outdoors of fun-filled play and discovery for the whole family? Treehouse Adventure Playground in Urasoe is just what you may be looking for! Not only does the place have a gorgeous playground to have your little ones play, but it's also for adults to embark on a little...
  5. A Wonderful Family Trip To Bios no Oka

    Adventure A Wonderful Family Trip To Bios no Oka

    Ever wake up thinking, "What should we do today?" I don't know about you but this is a constant question that comes to mind when planning our family's weekend adventures. Chipping away at our bucket list of things-to-do in Okinawa. I personally had no idea about this place called Bios no Oka...
  6. Two Alternatives to the Stairway to Heaven

    Adventure Two Alternatives to the Stairway to Heaven

    While there's no true replacement for those fitness freaks on Okinawa missing their dose of the approximate 260 grueling steps to the top of the Stairway to Heaven, here are two alternatives that you might enjoy until its reopening, rumored to be sometime in March of 2019, or anytime after for...