1. Sunrise on 01/01/2020

    Sunrise on 01/01/2020

    The first sunrise of 2020 (hatsuhinode) captured from the castle walls of Nakagusuku Castle.
  2. E

    2020 First Sunrise At Nakagusuku Castle Ruins

    So you've brought in the new year with some sort of celebration, whether it be at the Mabuni Fire and Bell Festival, at another event, or maybe just enjoying it the typical way that you do. However, after the celebrations, you can also bring in the new year with the first sunrise at Nakagusuku...
  3. Sunrise

    Central Sunrise

    Sunrise is located in American Village and is a retro ‘50s American style diner. They specialize in the Philly Cheesesteak and have a good portion size for the price. Sunrise has a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff to take your order with indoor and outdoor seating.