1. Sidelines Sports Bar and Grille

    Central Sidelines Sports Bar and Grille

    Sidelines Sports Bar and Grille is a bar and grill near Miyagi Coast on the Sunabe seawall in Chatan. While the food, such as their deliciously and fresh cooked burgers; drinks; and the late-night fun you can have here is one thing, the friendly staff that work at Sidelines can't be ignored...
  2. Sunset on 11/29/2019

    Sunset on 11/29/2019

    Not every photograph or view of a sunset will be perfect, but it will always mark the end of the day. The new day will always follow where that left off, where you can try to spot the perfect one once again. This particular sunset was the first captured on Miyagi Coast in Sunabe.
  3. Sunset on 04/01/2019

    Sunset on 04/01/2019

    A sunset that was taken in a secluded beach area of central Okinawa.
  4. Auto Shop Z – Kadena

    Central Auto Shop Z – Kadena

    Auto Shop Z is a Veteran Owned and Operated car dealership located outside Gate 1 of Kadena AB in-between the Family Mart and gas station. They offer quality used cars while delivering world-renowned customer service as they place their customers above all else. All cars will be inspected and...
  5. Sunny-Net

    Central Sunny-Net

    Sunny-Net is an off-based internet service provider offering three types of distinct services: Basic internet; HIKARI, an internet service done in collaboration with NTT West, offered to homes; and a neXtreme package with an option of a shared or dedicated line for apartment complexes. Their...
  6. GI Bill Pay

    Central GI Bill Pay

    Living in a foreign country on top of having a busy work schedule that doesn't align with Japanese holidays can make it a hassle to pay your bills in a timely manner to avoid any outages, be it gas or cellular. GI Bill Pay eliminates this by providing a safe and reliable service to pay all your...
  7. US Auto Sales

    Central US Auto Sales

    US Auto Sales (est. 1994), conveniently located within walking distance out of Kadena AB Gate 1, offers a wide selection of various different SUVs, wagons, vans, sedans, and even sports cars equipped with turbo and manual options for military members and local residents. If you're unable to find...