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    GUIDE How To Enable/Disable Google AdSense

    It is a fairly easy process to enable or disable Google AdSense for those that joined after May 18, 2020. Simply go to your Preferences which can be found by clicking your name or avatar ("profile picture") for those that are on a mobile device in the menu bar. On this page, you will see your...
  2. Okinawa.Org Revenue Drop

    Poll Okinawa.Org Revenue Drop

    A lot of businesses in Okinawa are suffering due to COVID-19. We can't say that we are one, as some are going bankrupt, but we have been slightly impacted. We offered our community an ad-free experience for those that chose to sign up. At the time, our revenue was stable displaying ads to...
  3. Like, Share & Tag To Be Eligible To Win $20

    News Like, Share & Tag To Be Eligible To Win $20

    We're giving away a good portion of our earnings here at Okinawa.Org this week to two lucky winners, early enough to enjoy spending it on Black Friday fighting over that new toaster that you really didn't need in the first place with a random stranger at the PX. Both parties will receive a $20...