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    GUIDE How To Enable/Disable Google AdSense

    It is a fairly easy process to enable or disable Google AdSense for those that joined after May 18, 2020. Simply go to your Preferences which can be found by clicking your name or avatar ("profile picture") for those that are on a mobile device in the menu bar. On this page, you will see your...
  2. Okinawa

    Awaiting Feedback Okinawa.Org Shoutbox?

    We've been sitting on implementing a shoutbox on Okinawa.Org for a while now. We don't know if it would get much use here or not, or, whether it would have a purpose above what the forums could provide. Is this an option that we should turn on? If anything, the only way we would see it being...
  3. Okinawa

    Awaiting Feedback Okinawa.Org Referral Contests

    Okinawa.Org has the capability to run referral contests. The idea of a referral contest is to get more people to at least attempt to try our website out over using other social media platforms while in Okinawa and speaking on the topic—or off-topic in Off Topic Okinawa if desired. However, we'd...
  4. Okinawa

    Awaiting Feedback Would You Like Personal Blogs?

    Would personal blogs be of interest to you as opposed to guest blogging on our Okinawa Blog? A personal blog would be much like a personal media gallery and designed like our blog at the same time. However, it would give you the option to post series and posts that could be discussed in the...
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    GUIDE How To Embed Items Into Posts

    It's a fairly simple process of embedding multiple types of media from different sources on this forum into any post. Most users will see this toolbar: You will want to select the three dots in followed by the dropdown triangle as seen below: This will open up the option of embedding a...
  6. Okinawa

    Implemented User Enable/Disabled Ads & Donations

    Awaiting feedback stages and brainstorming donations ideas from the article and poll below... Please take a moment to read our article, Okinawa.Org Revenue Drop. We are going to stay true to an ad-free experience for all members. The ads for members will be less intrusive and can be adjusted...
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    GUIDE Tag, Reply Or Multi-Quote

    There are three ways to go about replying to someone's post. Tagging The first and easiest way to reply to someone is to directly refer to them by their username. You can do so by typing the @ symbol followed by their username. A drop down of similar names will appear as you type out more of...
  8. island cyclist

    Awaiting Feedback How can I access Okinawa.Org forums?

    OK I just found out how to answer my last question...I go up to the top of the page and hit forums. And not the little arrow pointing down. :(
  9. H

    GUIDE Usage of "Okinawa Photographers" Forum

    We certainly have the space to attach a RAW file (DNG preferable) to any image posted, even if you choose to post a smaller output of 2048 on the long end (Photoshop CC) if you choose to "Attach files" within a thread. Though we would prefer you to use the Media Gallery, create your own album...
  10. Okinawa Events Released!

    News Okinawa Events Released!

    The long-awaited (for us) Okinawa Events calendar—which completes the core of our site, Okinawa.Org—has been released! This calendar will feature events aggregated by staff from various local sources such as towns and cities, newspapers and other various places to bring you the best of things...
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    INFO The Difference Between "Okinawa Pin Drops" and "Places"

    Finding things to do in Okinawa can be a daunting task, whether you're planning a trip to come here or have been here a while already but just ran out of ideas. That is why we separated Places from our Okinawa Pin Drops forum. These areas of Okinawa.Org serve two distinct purposes. "Places"...
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    GUIDE Changing Your Username After You Join Okinawa.Org

    You might've signed up for Okinawa.Org by connecting your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, or even Amazon account and it carried over your first and last name, not knowing that you can select your own username. As this is a forum and we don't require your full name, you may be more...
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    GUIDE Posting in Okinawa Pin Drops

    Unlike other forums on Okinawa.Org, Okinawa Pin Drops does not have a quick post option, as seen below, as all other forums on desktop and mobile do. This is because there are required fields, as well as a Google Places autocomplete field, to help you find coordinates much easier...
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    ARCHIVED Why can't I post in Okinawa Pin Drops?

    Why Can't I Post In Okinawa Pin Drops? Okinawa Pin Drops is a new forum which allows for posting GPS coordinates (a requirement as some places are not indexed on Google); addresses of places that are auto-completed from a live search which will automatically populate the GPS coordinates; and as...
  15. Okinawa

    Answered Where can I test Okinawa.Org forum features?

    I'm new to using a forum and don't quite know how to publish posts. Where can I test posting?