1. Flowered Whale Shark

    Flowered Whale Shark

    A whale shark crafted out of well-placed flower pots on the corner of Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum.
  2. Okinawa Peace Hall

    Okinawa Peace Hall

    Okinawa Peace Hall, one of the many monuments at Peace Memorial Park, in Itoman, Okinawa, taken right after sunset.
  3. David

    Shisa Nise-ishi Of Kogusuku

    You can throw a pebble in Okinawa and it will land almost anywhere with something to great to do, but, that's most likely a bar in most cases. However, the more I explore Okinawa and farther out of the city I go, the more I'm finding it to be true to run across dedicated historical sites or some...
  4. David

    Scenic Spot Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) On Mount Yaedake

    When winter is about to roll around every year, and the sakura (cherry blossoms) are in bloom, the number one question people tend to ask is where a good spot to view them is and how long the season lasts. The cherry blossom season in Okinawa lasts throughout the month of January. However, you...
  5. Heiwa Dori – Local Shopping & Escape From Rain

    Heiwa Dori – Local Shopping & Escape From Rain

    Heiwa Dori is a street off of Kokusai Street in Naha, also connected to Ichiba Hondori through Don Quijote and side alleys and roadways, that somewhat takes you back in time in Okinawa. There's just something special about walking Heiwadori, although it turning into a tourist area, with that...
  6. What To Expect On A Trip To Kokusai Street

    Sightseeing What To Expect On A Trip To Kokusai Street

    There have been a lot of new places built for tourists in Okinawa lately. However, I believe Kokusai Street (Kokusai Dori; International Street) is the first thing that most tourists tend to visit while here. So, I thought I would give some useful information on the exciting tourist...
  7. Questions

    Question Where would you take your visitors in Okinawa?

    There's so much to see and so much to do in Okinawa. I'm sure that plenty of you have already done it once or twice. Which places would you share with your friends or family members that may come to visit? Tell us about your personal experiences there and share photos for all to enjoy, if you...
  8. David

    Historical Landmark Child Treasure Rock on Senaga Island in Tomigusuku

    Expecting a baby, or hoping to, soon? And hopeful for that precious baby boy or baby girl? Try out Child Treasure Rock to see if your dream becomes a reality. Child Treasure Rock is located just off the shoreline on the far side of Senaga Island, an island connected by a bridge, in Tomigusuku...
  9. David

    Sightseeing Naha Giant Tug-Of-War Display

    While the Naha Tug of War and its accompanying festivals aren't held until October of every year, you can still get up close and see the massive center section of the largest rope in the world certified by the Guinness World Records on Kokusai Street at any time.
  10. David

    Adventure Sunsets of Okinawa

    I don't consider myself a professional photographer—not even by a long shot. I'm still learning the tricks and trade of photography and working with I got to get my preferred style down. There are some interesting shots that I like to chase, one of which being an adventurous hunt of sunsets on...
  11. Questions

    Answered Does the aquarium take yen or card?

    Does Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium only accept yen for admission or do they take card as well?
  12. Beach-Bum

    Fun Manhole Covers: A Fun Scavenger Hunt

    Manhole covers- The name alone makes you think of storm drains or worse yet, the underground highway of toilet waste blech, but certainly not something that would grab your interest. In the US, they're pretty basic designs. In Japan, most of the designs reflect the prefecture, icons of a city...
  13. David

    Sightseeing Twenty Minutes to Kill in Tomigusuku

    I had just about 20 minutes to kill before having to make an errand today. I decided to open up the map and zoom in to the area where I was located on the map. Lo and behold, there were three historical sites in a row that could be hit fairly easy, one of which I ran out of time to get to but...
  14. David

    Sightseeing What did you do today?

    What did you do today or what are your plans for the night? I got to enjoy the day with my wife and dog, @Marron, and explored more of southern Okinawa; Itoman, to be exact. We ended up going up and down roadways, not following any sort of plan or GPS, and just getting lost sometimes. It ended...