shuri castle

  1. Shuri Castle LEGO Bricks

    Shuri Castle LEGO Bricks

    Shuri Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Okinawa, built out of 10,000 LEGO bricks, taking 23 straight days to complete (in combined man-hours) by one builder on display at PARCO CITY on its grand opening day, June 27, 2019.
  2. Rob Oechsle

    INFO Shuri Castle – Before And After New And Historic Images

    FIRST DAY OF PUBLICATION, ALREADY SOLD OUT !!! THE BURNING OF SHURI CASTLE, with a GATHERING OF BOTH NEW AND HISTORIC IMAGES taken prior to the Disaster --- Large, 90-page softbound book, published by the Okinawa Times Newspaper, 15 Nov. 2019. ¥1,000 This is not intended as a "Sales Post", but...
  3. Rob Oechsle

    Other Hike around Kinjo Dam in Naha

    ANOTHER DAM DAY, and ANOTHER DAM HIKE --- The Triple-Tiered Trails that Run Rings around the Twin Holding Ponds of KINJO DAM, below the Walls of SHURI CASTLE A ONE-OF-A-KIND "MULTI-TREK" IN THE ANCIENT & ROYAL CAPITAL of OKINAWA ♥ LOOKING DOWN ON IT ALL : ♦...