1. David

    Shisa Nise-ishi Of Kogusuku

    You can throw a pebble in Okinawa and it will land almost anywhere with something to great to do, but, that's most likely a bar in most cases. However, the more I explore Okinawa and farther out of the city I go, the more I'm finding it to be true to run across dedicated historical sites or some...
  2. Shisa Blowing Off Some Steam

    Shisa Blowing Off Some Steam

    Just a shisa blowing off some steam after last-minute Christmas gift shopping at the Exchange. This is located slightly off Kokusai Street between the Tsuboya Pottery District and the Hyatt Regency Naha.
  3. The Red Bridge To Ikei Island

    The Red Bridge To Ikei Island

    The red bridge that connects Miyagi Island to Ikei Island, pictured from Miyagi Island's side.
  4. Okinawa Ghost Stories

    Scary Okinawa Ghost Stories

    Obon recently passed and Halloween soon approaches. Likely you have heard some of Okinawa's ghost stories, but I've collected a few of my very favorite. If you dare, visit the sites of the stories and see if you get chills. Each time I pass one of these legendary places, my hackles raise and I...
  5. David

    Historical Landmark Tomori Large Stone Lion

    One of the most iconic photos taken during the Battle of Okinawa is of soldiers huddled behind the Tomori Large Stone Lion observing the hillsides and cliffs ahead through their binoculars. The Tomori Lion is located in the Tomori District of Yaese, Okinawa, an area of southern Okinawa. The...
  6. David

    Shisa Azakuniyoshi Shugo Stone Lion

    I love finding new historical sites, especially shisa, or stone lions. There is a lot of Ryukyu-era history with many of the shisa around Okinawa. Some were originally created in villages to face certain directions in order to ward off possible evils. I ran across this one while taking a...
  7. Coke & A Shisa

    Coke & A Shisa

    Coke cans sitting next to a Shisa.
  8. David

    Sightseeing Twenty Minutes to Kill in Tomigusuku

    I had just about 20 minutes to kill before having to make an errand today. I decided to open up the map and zoom in to the area where I was located on the map. Lo and behold, there were three historical sites in a row that could be hit fairly easy, one of which I ran out of time to get to but...