senaga island

  1. David

    Attraction Naha Airport Flight Route

    For those traveling to Senaga Island to visit the natural onsen, to stay at the Ryukyu Onsen Senagajima Hotel, or to shop around at the many shops Umikaji Terrace has to offer, the Naha Flight Route is a popular stop for tourists to quickly make. From many different angles, you can see a lot...
  2. David

    Historical Landmark Child Treasure Rock on Senaga Island in Tomigusuku

    Expecting a baby, or hoping to, soon? And hopeful for that precious baby boy or baby girl? Try out Child Treasure Rock to see if your dream becomes a reality. Child Treasure Rock is located just off the shoreline on the far side of Senaga Island, an island connected by a bridge, in Tomigusuku...
  3. 7 Inexpensive & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Okinawa

    Adventure 7 Inexpensive & Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Okinawa

    Guide: Cost Scale per person ¥ : 100-999 ¥ ¥ : 1000-1999 ¥ ¥ ¥ : 2000+ Location North: Kin to Hedo Point Central: Ginowan to Ishikawa South: Urasoe to Itoman Hopefully, you have had a chance to get out and see some things. If you are still looking for things to do or just need to take a...
  4. A Must Go: Umikaji Terrace on Senaga Island

    Adventure A Must Go: Umikaji Terrace on Senaga Island

    When it is very usual to see many Americans hanging out in specific areas up north, I’ve noticed that the majority of them haven’t yet discovered other great places to hang out in the southern areas of Okinawa. So, I thought that I’d share this remarkable place that my family and I like to go...