1. Five Supermarkets In Okinawa

    Shop Five Supermarkets In Okinawa

    Have you ever experienced having a hard time finding a supermarket while traveling in Okinawa as you're not quite sure what to look for? Maybe that's when you're driving from Naha airport to north for places such as Churaumi Aquarium, and you want to make a stop for a light snack. Although...
  2. San-A Naha Main Place

    Naha San-A Naha Main Place

    San-A Naha Main Place is a shopping mall, centrally located in the city of Naha and near the Omoromachi monorail station, boasting a rich choice of options for your all of shopping needs with over 60 shops to browse through, to include a supermarket for fresh foods. There are also several...
  3. Sunset on 06/15/2019

    Sunset on 06/15/2019

    A sunset captured along a seawall in a diffusely populated area of Ginowan.