ryuchu monument

  1. Google Maps Aerial Reconnaissance In Okinawa?

    Adventure Google Maps Aerial Reconnaissance In Okinawa?

    Google Maps is an excellent starting point in finding things to do in Okinawa. You may click around place to place, or even do a search for something you want to find such as "Okinawa beach". Searching for this term will undoubtedly bring up all the popular beaches in Okinawa to include...
  2. David

    Attraction Ryuchu Dragon Monument Pillars

    If you happen to take Route 58 back from Naha Airport—the roadway that leads through an underwater tunnel—as opposed to Route 332 (which eventually turns back into Route 58), you can't help but not notice the two towering Ryuchu dragon monument pillars that are at the corner of the first 4-way...