1. Ishikawa River

    Ishikawa River

  2. Rob Oechsle

    Beach Ie Beach & Ie River

    A ROCKY GORGE; a LOVELY POOL; low, climbable WATERFALLS, and a RIVER TO EXPLORE --- All just a few hundred yards upstream from a PRETTY BEACH, a SHADY BRIDGE, and PICTURESQUE SEA ROCKS. Well, that sure covers a lot !!! And it even comes with a sea-side PARKING LOT and a little CAFE, to boot...
  3. David

    Historical Landmark Funakoshi River And Man-Made Spring

    The cactus farm is a great location to stop by for a quick 5-15 minute visit. But, there is a historical landmark right across the street that you shouldn't overlook as well: The Funakoshi Okawa, or Funakoshi River, rather. Some may pass it over as it looks so barren with when I visited...
  4. Rob Oechsle

    Hike Ura River

    THE URA RIVER for FAMILIES WITH KIDS — A Great Spot on a Hot Day While Up at OKUMA, or While Day-Tripping the West Coast in Northern Okinawa. Hop out of your car, the river is right there, and it's all yours 'till you want to call it quits. AN OPTION MOST KIDS PREFER TO HIJI FALLS For...